Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Momma's Makeup

Growing up, I was a goofy tomboy that was always true to myself. I owned no dresses or skirts. The first time I put on a pair of panty hose was when I was a 10 year old Michelle Kwan wannabe. My ice skating instructors wanted me to twirl and be a pretty little girl, so I quit. I preferred to shop in the boys section and ride my bike. My Mom, God bless her, didn't try to curl my hair or stuff me into any poofy dresses. She embraced me as I was. 

As I got older I vowed to never wear makeup or do anything girly like that. My Grandpa calls this phase "the time we were all secretly worried" phase, but lucky for him puberty changed everything. Ah, puberty. What a wonderful, horrific time it is for us all. Suddenly girls my age had boobs and hips and all sorts of lady bits that made boys like them. Their clothes were filled out gracefully and ladylike in all the right places. I didn't have curves, so I got a perm. Twice. I wore my silver vampire halloween makeup to school because I didn't want my Mom to know that I was starting to be girly. Their eyes sparkled in contrast to their Maybelline lashes and black rimmed eyes.

Fast forward 11 years. Since that awkward time I started wearing makeup, but hardly anything notable. On date nights I would wear some eyeshadow and lipstick, but day to day wear consisted of a little concealer, some loose powder and a dash of pink blush. I might line my eyes from day to day and throw on a little mascara. My skin was glowing and youthful. I didn't need any special moisturizers or fancy foundation. But everything changed when I had my son. 

Some women suffer from horrible nausea and vomiting during their pregnancy. Some women deal with very significant life threatening issues. I dealt with severe cystic acne. It was so bad at one point that I couldn't lay down comfortably or even SMILE because the acne hurt me so bad. I would cry and cry because not only was it terribly painful, but it was so embarrassing. I hated visiting family and washing my face at the end of the night only to show my swollen, red face that looked so different than it had with makeup on. 

After I had Beckham, my acne slowly got better as the pregnancy hormones settled down. But 2 years later I still deal with acne every day. 

I have learned to love my skin as it is and only put trusted products on it. And trust me I've tried dozens of different washes, lotions, primers, foundations etc. Around the time Beckham was born, my relationship with makeup changed. It became crucial that I took excellent care of my skin. This led me to broaden my perspective of makeup. Remember, at this credulous time in my life, my world consisted of Maybelline and Covergirl, which I truly believed would give me 6ft lashes and skin that glowed like a Brazilian beach butt on a hot day. I started digging deeper into the colossal world of cosmetics and I was blown away. Something I love about makeup is that I can switch it up every day. Some days I barely wear any at all, and other days I feel like dressing up my eyes or making a statement with my lip color. If I want to be girly one day and be a bad ass Laura Croft the next day, I can! Makeup helps me express myself. I like being able to change it based on my mood! It's so fun!

I want to share my "must haves" because I have gotten a lot of questions about it recently, which makes me feel awesome! 

These are my top priority products:

Quality makeup brushes 
   -Ulta has amazing brushes!

Tarte Full Coverage Foundation
   -it has SPF 15 and it's made from Amazonian clay. So fancy, I know! It is a little pricey, but honestly it is worth it. I don't have to reapply throughout the day, it doesn't make my skin oily and it doesn't cause breakouts. I will never use anything else! 

Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner
   -May your wing tip be sharp enough to kill! 

Almay Smart Shade Concealer
   -I love that this concealer blends into my skin flawlessly. It isn't heavy but it is perfect for some under eye touch ups!

Brow Pencil
   -After I started taking care of my face better, I was told by my brow lady that I had been over plucking. *gasp* So now I only pluck stray hairs and I religiously let Laura manage my brow situation. Ever since she's been in charge my brows have been full and perfectly arched. But since I had been over plucking for so long I do have bald spots that need to be filled with a brow pencil. 

Last but not least, I am guilty of being a cheap mascara addict. I basically have no eyelashes, and I spend my money on makeup that is good for my SKIN so I often go for cheap eye makeup. I know, I know, but momma can't spend $30 bucks on mascara at the moment! 


For this look, I went with everything "warm" that I could find in my makeup bag. For me this would definitely be a date night look or a "momma-had-more-than-twenty-minutes-alone" look. I used everything listed above, plus my "Little Black Book" eye pallet by ELF. I used the lightest shade on the inner corners of my eyes. Next I used a marroon to cover my lid, then I finished with dark brown on the crease of my lids. I used my liquid eyeliner to do a dramatic (for me) wingtip. I didn't put any liner on my bottom lid, mostly because I like to leave it soft looking. Instead, I took whatever shadow was left on my brush and gently rubbed my bottom lid until I was satisfied with how it looked. I also penciled my eyebrows a lot darker than I usually do, but I always follow the natural curve of my brows. I prefer them to look as natural as possible. I like my eyebrows to be darker than my hair, just because I think it adds a dramatic flair with the contrast of my light hair. For blush, I used a sample of the cream blush that I got from Clinique and I LURVE it! It is a deeper red, but it doesn't stand out too much. I finished with another sample, Michael Kors deep red lip gloss. 

It was so fun to try this look!
I love trying new products, so if you have any suggestions let me know!


Friday, September 25, 2015

Dear Beckham

My sweet, pure, innocent Beckham,

As your tiny, squishy body rests on my chest, I stroke your thick blonde hair and gently tickle your chubby cheeks. I study your small baby hands. The constant dirt under your nails used to drive me nuts, but now, as I tenderly touch each of your perfectly fat baby fingers, I smile at the dirt. The dirt means you are living. You are a healthy, happy, dirty, rambunctious little boy, full of laughter and slobbery kisses. The dirt means you are exploring. Oh, how I hope you never stop exploring. However you choose to explore your life, whether it be from the summit of the highest peak or through the lens of a microscope, I hope you do it to your hearts' content.

You always look at me and say "oh, wow!" when you find something new or interesting. You wiggle your tiny body with excitement and run towards the new and exciting thing. I hope that never stops. As you grow into a man with responsibility, I hope you find the excitement of that little boy you once were. I hope you keep running towards the things that excite you. Never ignore that excitement, little one. You were put on this Earth to turn that excitement into talent, and that talent into action. Run towards the thing that lights your fire. When you are discouraged, don't run away. It's ok to push the pause button for a little while. It's ok if you aren't always moving forward, but, my sweet boy, please don't ever loose faith in yourself. Even as a tiny little boy, I can see your spark. You are a free spirit. My soul is forever connected to yours, and if there is one thing I know to be true, it is that you have the soul of a fighter. As your mother, I will do everything in my power to facilitate that strength so you can become a confident leader; a leader who is capable of fearlessly reaching your highest potential while still putting a smile on other people's faces and love into their hearts.

As you conquer your dreams, take other people with you. Grab them by the hand and show them their potential. Take as many people as you can. Lift them up when they are down. Help them develop their God given talents.

As you grow, you will learn so many things. Some things you won't like and others you will love. I hope that you have a mind that is open to all of these things. A mind that isn't afraid to believe what it wants. I want you to know that with an open mind, you will have the ability to reach people from all walks of life. You will be able to connect with them in very special ways.

When I began this journey into Motherhood, I didn't think much would change, but I was wrong.

You've taught me everything. 

You've taught me how to love and be loved. It wasn't until I held your tiny body in my arms day after day, night after night that I learned what love really is. 

You are the flame that keeps my smile alive. My hope for you, my sweet Beckham is that you never let life defeat you. I hope you smile and laugh and love endlessly. When life is hard, I hope you still enjoy living. Pulling the positive out of life's curveballs is truly a task in itself. It takes time to train your mind how to be happy and positive during those times, but I hope you learn how to be that positive light that shines through the darkness to bless the lives of people around you.

Beckham, there is nothing that could ever take me away from you. I am so happy that God chose me to be your Mother. You are my greatest blessing. You are my greatest accomplishment. In every goal that you set for yourself, you have my unfailing support. I will always help you succeed.

Be free, be happy and smile all the time.

I love you.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Travel Blog {Washington Trip: Lower Gray Wolf Trail}

Funny story--if you are reading this and currently have no children, you may not fully understand. When we pack for long trips with Beckham we are overwhelmed by the idea of forgetting something for him. While only packing the essentials we try to travel as light as possible, but we always forget something. This time, it turns out, we forgot to pack food for our trip. So here we are in the middle of the forest with no grocery store in sight. It is day two of our adventure and we need something to fill our tummies before our long day of hiking. After driving for awhile we come across a brand new gas station/deli/coffee shop/miniature grocery store. We both grab a 0.99 cent maple bar for breakfast and a few packages of Ramen to cook on our hot plate later that night. 

We started our trek to hike the Lower Gray Wolf Trail. From Brinnon we drove North catching glimpses of the ocean through the thick trees. From Interstate 104 we drove roughly 25 miles on dirt roads to reach the trailhead. At that point I was extremely grateful that we were driving my Grandparents' SUV. We were deep in the forest completely surrounded by giant, towering trees and old growth. It was wet and smelled like dirt and I loved it. 

The trailhead was nothing more than a clearing in the thick trees. The air was brisk, which surprised me. The temperature had been in the upper 80's (and dry) which was abnormally warm for this part of Washington. 

I wore my Treva's which ended up being a blessing and a curse. They are lightweight and comfortable, but they provided little to no traction on the slick rocks. Fortunately the slick rocks were few and far between, but when we met, I carefully avoided their slippery tricks. My handy walking stick also helped! 

Our hike was 4.2 miles each way making it an 8.4 mile round trip. During the first half we gained little to no elevation. The trail was well maintained. The second half of the hike, the trail led us up the mountain and away from the soothing sound of the Gray Wolf River. In total we only gained about 800 ft elevation, but since it was gained mostly in the second half, it felt like so much more! 

Once we reached our destination, we sat on the rocks in the river and enjoyed some snacks. The time we spent quietly enjoying the serenity of the moment was one of the highlights of our trip. Both of us sat in complete silence, our only company was Mother Earth. 

As I sat there soaking my feet in the cool, mountain water, I thought about how at that moment we were the only two people on the planet that were enjoying this spot that Mother Earth lent us. No one on the face of the Earth was sitting where I was sitting or seeing the beauty that I had the privilege to see. For a brief moment in time, Travis and I were the only two people in the world. It felt amazing. It's funny how the Earth can make us, as humans, feel powerful when in reality we are tiny little creatures, powerless without our precious Mother Earth. I met rocks and trees and dirt that could tell me the story of the beginning of time. I soaked my feet in water that has eroded its way across countless places. And somehow, in that moment, I felt like I could do anything. 

By the end of our hike both of us were completely exhausted. We were awaiting our paychecks to be deposited so we were extremely tight on money (I'm talking dollars and change haha)! On the way back to Brinnon we spotted a roadside diner that would put any fast food restaurant to shame, Fat Smitty's.

The cheeky name made me chuckle, but once I saw a towering statue of Fat Smitty himself showcasing an equally gigantic burger, I knew that we had to stop! My hiker gut was screaming and my inner fat girl heart couldn't bare to pass it up. We decided that we could spare a few dollars and split a meal. We sat outside enjoying the rare Western Washington sunshine and ate chicken strips and steak fries. Honestly, they were the best chicken strips I have ever eaten. Ever.

The entire inside of the restaurant was covered floor to ceiling, in dollar bills. We asked the employee if they had ever counted the money and she told us that five years ago they took the dollar bills {on the walls} down and that alone was over $10,000 dollars. She said they donated the money to the local Boys and Girls Club. I thought that was awesome! 

Once we made it back to our cabin in Brinnon we both enjoyed the serenity that often accompanies life in the forest. I flipped through a few books on the bookshelf and ultimately chose to read a few chapters of "A Passion For Nature: The Life of John Muir" which just so happened to be what my little adventure heart needed. I wrote and Travis made our five star Ramen dinner on the hot plate. We walked down the road to the wild blackberry bushes and picked to our hearts content!

Next up is Day #3 of our adventure! If you missed the first post about our first day in Brinnon/Port Townsend you can find it here